Relationships and Love

Relationship & Love (45 to 60 min)
A relationship and love tarot spread is a large, high-energy spread, please understand that this very centered reading that requires me to connect with both partner’s Spirit Guides and Angels at the same time. To do so properly I need to intensely concentrate on the relationship between the two people involved, therefore I am not able to include other areas of life.

About Your Personalized Reading
My readings are inspired using the Tarot. I connect with my Spirit Guides and Angels to contact your Spirit Guides and Angels and gain divine wisdom in all areas of your life. I also use Astrology, Numerology, and other signs from the universe to connect with your energy and give you the most personalized reading possible.

When I consult the cards, I will help you gain a new and powerful perspective to go further on your life path and step into your destiny. Your reading will help you by clearing any troubled emotions or clouded thoughts about your life and any situation you face. I am sure you will take delight and comfort in your personalized video reading, which I will film and record unedited, exactly how the information comes to me.  -Love Tilly

Viewing Your Personal YouTube Video Reading
In your one-of-a-kind YouTube video, you will watch me shuffle the deck, lay out the cards, and connect with your Angels and Energy to answer your question…you will witness the entire process of how I read the card’s message of hope and deliver your intuitive, personal, and special message, exactly how it is intended, only for you. Once I am finished preparing your video you will receive an email with a private link to your own personal reading. Please keep the link confidential since only someone with the link address will be allowed to view its contents. Your reading will stay up unless you ask me to take it down so you can refer back to it over time. Many clients find this the best part of the reading! You will hear new things to guide you each time you listen!

What will I need from you?
Now, this is very important…I don't need much. In fact, less is better. So please do not write me a large description. Keep it simple. Short and sweet. The more concise your question is, the better I can answer you. Too many details can cloud things for me, so I do not need to know if you are common law or married for example or anything detailed or personal. Just state the question, as precisely as possible. Sometimes the answers I get make no sense to me, but when I convey them to you, they will ignite your spirit and the information will fall into place.

Send your request with intention! As you send me the information, please put forward the message to your own Angels and Spirit Guides so that they can assist me in showing you, your answers. Remember, I am trying to connect with you and you alone on this giant planet of ours and I would appreciate the help from your Angels in delivering those answers! I am here to answer your questions but more importantly, I am here to convey what the spirits are trying to tell you.

There is a firm NO-REFUND policy, but you may upgrade your session at any time.


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