Exploring Your Natal Chart

Tilly talks to you in-depth about your natal chart.
In your birth chart, the Sun, Moon, and planets play the central role in how your life unfolds. They are the actors in the drama, the moving figures on the stage, each with a character of its own. How these characters relate to each other, whether and how they clash or harmonize, and whether they bring out each other’s best or worst qualities, is shown by the aspects, or angles, between the planets. Tilly will bring in conscious awareness of your strength, where you shine, and where the challenges lay to name just a couple of points Tilly will touch on to bring in clarity and understanding of your path forward.

Price: $150 Astrology Reading (1 hour)

Style and delivery: The only option available at the present time is to view your personal reading through a private link on YouTube. Once I am finished preparing your video you will receive an email with a private link to your own personal reading. Please keep the link confidential since only someone with the link address will be allowed to view its contents. Your reading will stay up unless you ask me to take it down so you can refer back to it over time. Many clients find this the best part of the reading! You will hear new things to guide you each time you listen!


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