A Meditation ~ Meeting your Authentic Self

Recommendation: Pick a time and place where you won’t be disturbed and listen each day for 7 days. There are instructions on how to utilize the tools given to work on your own self-exploration going forward.

As we walk through life, we conform many parts of our self in order to fit into society, to be loved and respected by others, valued by friends and family. We thought that this could bring in happiness, a joy. As we took each step, we also stepped away from who we truly are. Now we look at our life and find that we didn’t really gain any true happiness, at least not more like we had unconsciously suspected.

This meditation will allow you to rediscover yourself. To see where you have bartered away a part of your authentic self. You will be reunited with your authentic self.

This is a meditation that allows you to expand on your initial experiences within the meditation.


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