30 Days to Self Love Journal

30 Days to Self-Love Journal emphasizes the importance of embracing one's individuality, valuing
personal growth, and maintaining self-love. Throughout this transformative and empowering experience,
you will face challenging negative thoughts, learning how to be grateful, and understand the importance
of seeking assistance when necessary. These things are vital in this process. Prioritizing well-being,
practicing self-care, and establishing healthy boundaries are also highlighted. Throughout this journey,
individuals learn to appreciate their own value, embrace their distinctiveness, and live genuinely.
Included in this 31 – page Digital Journal:
A personal letter to you to accompany you on your path of Self-Love.
10 common factors that can negatively impact our self- worth.
21 practices you can adopt to help nurture your self-worth.
30 DAYS TO Greater Self-Love WORKSHEET defining 10 major areas in which to grow.
A Daily Tracker of a different goal to set for the next 30 days.
A short fable about perseverance.
Lots of extra room for you to write your thoughts and record your progress.
No printing a hard copy necessary.
This is the perfect companion to use as you read through 30 Days to Self Love.


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