30 Days of Self-Love, – Book & Journal Bundle

Embark on a powerful self-love journey with the "Ultimate Self-Love Bundle" featuring two transformative guides: "30 Days to Self-Love Journal" and "Unleash The Power of Self-Love." In this exclusive bundle, Tilly's wisdom and guidance merge seamlessly, creating a comprehensive 30-day experience that emphasizes embracing individuality, prioritizing well-being, and establishing healthy boundaries. The 31-page digital journal is your companion, enriched with a personal letter from Tilly, 10 factors impacting self-worth, 21 nurturing practices, and a "30 DAYS TO Greater Self-Love WORKSHEET." Dive into daily trackers, a short fable on perseverance, and ample space for reflections. This bundle offers a holistic approach, steering you away from the trap of measuring worth by possessions or appearance. Tilly's coaching unfolds step by step, encouraging affirmations, self-care rituals, and therapeutic journaling. It's not just about feeling good; it's about creating lasting habits and a scenic route to self-love. Rediscover your worth in this 30-day journey – a bundled offering that combines the best of both guides for a transformative experience.


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