I Bounce Back From Setbacks

I bounce back from setbacks.

I can handle the ups and downs in my life.

I think positive and manage my emotions. I treat myself with compassion and use encouraging self-talk. I count my blessings and notice happy moments. I am an optimist.

I reach out for support. Asking others for help when I need it is a sign of strength and wisdom. I turn to my family and friends for comfort and practical assistance.

I practice self-care. I keep myself fit. I eat a balanced diet and work out regularly. I sleep well and practice effective relaxation techniques.

I persevere through obstacles. I make contingency plans. I continue through doubts and fears. I have the courage to keep trying. Each day is an opportunity to make a new start.

I maintain my sense of humor. I keep things in perspective. I laugh at minor irritations.

I adopt a growth mindset. I learn from experience. I gather constructive feedback that helps me to evaluate my efforts and build on my strengths. I pick myself up when I fall. I heal and come back stronger.

I remember my purpose. Developing inner sources of motivation keeps me calm and steady under pressure. I set meaningful goals and keep striving to reach them.

I appreciate the present moment. I concentrate on the things I can control.

Today, I bounce back from disappointments and downturns. I see past temporary misfortunes and continue to enjoy life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What is one example of a setback that helped me to grow?
  2. How does gratitude help me to be more resilient?
  3. How can I remain hopeful during difficult times?

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